Your ballgown or tuxedo will need to be approved by our head attire specialists.

Ladies,to have your formal wear approved, please contact Amanda Hede at (509) 406-1538, or email for approval, details or questions.

Gentlemen, please contact Dillon Beard at (509) 314-0471 for formal wear approval, details or questions.

(Ladies, Please contact Amanda Hede, before actually buying anything. Former year's standards may not apply.)

1.Well-fitting formal attire in good condition, comprising either a ballgown or tuxedo.

Additionally, Ladies: The evening of the banquet and ball, there are two instances where you will be outside in your ballgown for up to a half hour. You Will Need to bring warm outer garments that may be worn over your ballgown, formal wear is preferred.

2.Street clothes for Sunday, Monday, and if you are a lady, probably Tuesday, in addition to your formal attire.

Ladies, we request that you pack and bring 2 bags of luggage:

One to be used for formal attire and getting ready directly before the Banquet & Ball event; containing such items as jewelry, makeup, hair products, etc.

The Other bag to be packed for the retreat portion of the event, and the day after the Banquet and Ball, containing street clothes, sleepwear, makeup removal, etc.


3. Toiletries

Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hair-care products, make-up and remover, towel, etc.

Ladies may wish to bring money to tip any hair stylists, or makeup artists that may be assisting the ladies' preparation before the Banquet and Ball.

4. Sleeping Bag and pillow

The lodgings will have twin-sized beds, but no sheets. If you will be more comfortable in your own sheets and bedding, you may bring them.

5. Pajamas/sleepwear

6. Please bring outer garments appropriate for snowy weather (Boots, snow pants, wool socks, hat, glove/mittens, warm, weather-proof jacket, etc.).     We will be above the snowline, and there are a number of outdoor activities available (including sledding).

7.  Parents who need Childcare:

The cost of childcare for the evening of the 29th, the 30th, and the 31st  is $75.00 per child. There will be Childcare until the conclusion of The Ball, the night of the 31st/morning of the second.
- You will need to bring the childs bedding, their clothing, diapers (as needed), favorite stuffed animals and blankets etc. and snacks and food to give them that first evening.

Throughout the weekend, there will be periods of up to 4 hours where your children may not have easy access to one or both of their parents.

(In an emergency, parents will have  immediate access to their children, and their children will never be further away from one or more of their parents than six city blocks at any time).

The children will be watched and taken care of by qualified and vetted childcare providers, and there will be ample opportunity over the course of the weekend for parents to visit with and spend time with their children.

Given the likelihood of snow at our lodging, parents who wish to play with their children outside, will need appropriate snow attire for their kids.