Get in touch with a Banquet host to start planning your formal dining experience!

These are our committed hosts presently and we'll update this page if anything changes. To maximize your time, we strongly recommend arranging your banquet before Christmas.

Mario & Kate Rodriguez
Anticipated price per plate | $95
Available seats | 14 maximum
Call or text (509) 833-6706

Skyler Young
Anticipated price per plate: $150
Available seats: 12 minimum
Call or text (425) 418-8101
Similar to last year, we encourage attendees to take responsibility for their experience. It is up to you to attend a Banquet.
If you'd like to arrange your own Banquet by becoming a host, or if you have any questions, contact us at
For more information on Banquet setup, check out our article from last year, 'Regarding the Banquet'.