Cancellation Notice

Dear Reader,

We regret to announce that the YVSCE’s Grand Syndicate Ball has been cancelled. This is not a decision we have made lightly. We know many of you have been anticipating this event and actively preparing for it, and that this announcement comes as an enormous disappointment.

Our event demands much personal interaction, not only in dancing and dining together, but in the richness of simply being with one another throughout the weekend – in shared living spaces and quiet conversations, in sitting shoulder-to-shoulder around a fire, in the challenges of fencing or the washing of feet.

COVID-19 restrictions currently prevent that kind of intimate experience. Our organization has determined that, at this time, we are unable to meet state policy and also provide you with a quality Ball. In lieu of this, we will provide a full refund to those who have purchased tickets to the GSB. 

You can expect to receive a FULL REFUND of your ticket purchase within a week of receiving this notice.

This is not the end of our journey – rather, it is an unexpected turning. We thank you for joining us these past several months, and for sharing with us your voice, your excitement, your encouragement and creativity. As we part ways for a time, we encourage you to take that passion forward. May it carry you into and through whatever comes next.

Further Up, Further In

Anneliese Myers and the GSB Team